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Aequus Anima: Yoga Between Effort and Ease

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Aequus Anima: Yoga Between Effort and Ease by Sylvia Vitazkova Book Summary:

A book of photographs, annotated with instructions, showing a twenty pose yoga sequence designed to help horse riders become strong, supple and focused. Although designed especially for equestrians, the sequence provides a balanced practice for any fit individual.

4 Note Chronicles of the Celestial Warriors: Anima: Anima

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4 Note Chronicles of the Celestial Warriors: Anima: Anima by M C B Book Summary:

The two kingdoms, Line and Nine, are at threat of Averi kingdom. A princess determined to put an end to threat to save her kingdom goes out in search for some extra help. At the same time an unfriendly traveler named Tarence catches a thief and tries to turn him in. Soon the princess finds the Tarence and the thief and asks them to help protect the kingdoms, together they travel across the country and meet many other warriors to help them along the way. However, Tarence keeps trying to find a way out of helping, as if he was running from something.

De Anima: On the Soul (Focus Philosophical Library)

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De Anima: On the Soul (Focus Philosophical Library) by Aristotle Book Summary:

A complete translation of Aristotle’s classic work De Anima supplemented with well-chosen notes and a comprehensive introduction. Also commonly translated as On the Soul, this work is a seminal work from the roots of Classical thinking on the nature of life and the lifeforce. Focus Philosophical Library translations are close to and are non-interpretative of the original text, with the notes and a glossary intending to provide the reader with some sense of the terms and the concepts as they were understood by Aristotle’s immediate audience.

Aristotle and Neoplatonism in Late Antiquity: Interpretations of the "De anima"

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Aristotle and Neoplatonism in Late Antiquity: Interpretations of the "De anima" by H.J. Blumenthal Book Summary:

"H. J. Blumenthal is such an eminent scholar in the field of Neoplatonic Studies, and the scholarship exhibited by this book is so wide-ranging and impressive, that I would venture to say that this is the most important book on Neoplatonism to be published since Dominic O'Meara's Pythagoras Revived." ―Steven Strange, Emory UniversityScholars have traditionally used the Aristotelian commentators as sources for lost philosophical works and occasionally also as aids to understanding Aristotle. In H. J. Blumenthal's view, however, the commentators often assumed that there was a Platonist philosophy to which not only they but Aristotle himself subscribed. Their expository writing usually expressed their versions of Neoplatonist philosophy. Blumenthal here places the commentators in their intellectual and historical contexts, identifies their philosophical views, and demonstrates their tendency to read Aristotle as if he were a member of their philosophical circle.This book focuses on the commentators' exposition of Aristotle's treatise De anima (On the Soul), because it is relatively well documented and because the concept of soul was so important in all Neoplatonic systems. Blumenthal explains how the Neoplatonizing of Aristotle's thought, as well as the widespread use of the commentators' works, influenced the understanding of Aristotle in both the Islamic and Judaeo-Christian traditions.H. J. Blumenthal is the author or coeditor of six previous books and is currently preparing a two-volume translation, with introduction and commentary, of Simplicius' Commentary on "De anima" for publication in Cornell's series Ancient Commentators on Aristotle.

Dimmi che mi ami (Youfeel): Solo tu possiedi le chiavi della mia anima. (Italian Edition)

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Dimmi che mi ami (Youfeel): Solo tu possiedi le chiavi della mia anima. (Italian Edition) by Anisa Gjikdhima Book Summary:

Eva è tornata alla Villa. Ferita nell'animo e furiosa con se stessa ha deciso che sarà il destino stavolta a scegliere per lei. Ma una volta entrata nella sala comune, si rende conto che Mr X è l'unico uomo che ha il diritto di toccarla. Sarà una rivelazione inquietante a cambiare le carte in tavola. Ma Leon troverà il modo di farla arrendere. Il capitolo conclusivo della conturbante trilogia Madness che ha fatto sognare migliaia di lettrici. Mood: Erotico - YouFeel RELOADED dà nuova vita ai migliori romanzi delle autrici del self publishing italiano. Un universo di storie digital only da leggere dove vuoi, quando vuoi, scegliendo in base al tuo stato d'animo il mood che fa per te: Romantico, Ironico, Erotico ed Emozionante.

Long Commentary on the De Anima of Aristotle (Yale Library of Medieval Philosophy Series)

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Long Commentary on the De Anima of Aristotle (Yale Library of Medieval Philosophy Series) by Averroes Book Summary:

Born in 1126 to a family of Maliki legal scholars, Ibn Rushd, known as Averroes, enjoyed a long career in religious jurisprudence at Seville and Cordoba while at the same time advancing his philosophical studies of the works of Aristotle. This translation of Averroes’ Long Commentary on Aristotle’s De Anima brings to English-language readers the complete text of this influential work of medieval philosophy. Richard C. Taylor provides rich notes on the Long Commentary and a generous introduction that discusses Averroes’ most mature reflections on Aristotle’s teachings as well as Averroes' comprehensive philosophical views on soul and intellect. It is only in the Long Commentary that Averroes finally resolves to his satisfaction the much vexed issue of the nature of intellect, Taylor shows.

Anima Medica: Vis Medicatrix Naturae (Accelerated Self Healing) (Volume 4)

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Anima Medica: Vis Medicatrix Naturae (Accelerated Self Healing) (Volume 4) by Dr. Glen Swartwout Book Summary:

Anima Medica means the soul of medicine. This is a companion volume to Dr. Glen Swartwout's Materia Medica, a compendium of the healing substances of medicine. Both works are subtitled Vis Medicatrix Naturae, which means the healing power of nature. The structure of this two volume encyclopedia makes explicit the natural division of body and spirit that has long plagued Western science, thought, culture and medicine. At the same time, both works bring Dr. Swartwout's synthesis and healing vision to mend that division. Major topics covered include the Spirit Minerals, Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Color Therapy, Infrared Therapy, and Electromagnetic Frequencies.

Bioinsecurities: Disease Interventions, Empire, and the Government of Species (ANIMA)

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Bioinsecurities: Disease Interventions, Empire, and the Government of Species (ANIMA) by Neel Ahuja Book Summary:

In Bioinsecurities Neel Ahuja argues that U.S. imperial expansion has been shaped by the attempts of health and military officials to control the interactions of humans, animals, viruses, and bacteria at the borders of U.S. influence, a phenomenon called the government of species. The book explores efforts to control the spread of Hansen's disease, venereal disease, polio, smallpox, and HIV through interventions linking the continental United States to Hawai'i, Panamá, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Congo, Iraq, and India in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Ahuja argues that racial fears of contagion helped to produce public optimism concerning state uses of pharmaceuticals, medical experimentation, military intervention, and incarceration to regulate the immune capacities of the body. In the process, the security state made the biological structures of human and animal populations into sites of struggle in the politics of empire, unleashing new patient activisms and forms of resistance to medical and military authority across the increasingly global sphere of U.S. influence.