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Cest a Toi Level Two (French Edition)

Cest Toi [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Cest a Toi Level Two (French Edition) by Karla Winther Fawbush Book Summary:

The most communicative three-level French textbook on the market today is also the most up-to-date. All conversations, activities and visuals have been updated to include prices in euros. A new Communication électronique section focuses on exploratory Internet activities corresponding to the content of each unit, and the À moi de jouer! sections allow students to synthesize each unit's functions in an original dialogue or narrative based on illustrations.Written by four current high school teachers, C'est à toi! is the first truly functional approach to learning French. Featuring a realistic mix of activities covering all five basic skills, it allows your students to develop proficiency as they perform meaningful tasks in French. The most comprehensive French program available, with a full range of correlated, integrated support and expansion materials, appeals to today's students with multiple learning styles. A stimulating mix of interactive activities progressing from practice to partner to cooperative groups leads to meaningful communication in realistic situations.In-depth coverage of various francophone cultures gives students a solid understanding of and appreciation for the language within its multicultural, diverse context. A carefully controlled vocabulary and bridging of structures allow for constant recycling of basic information to form the foundation for developing proficiency.A unique approach to teaching reading, writing, and organizational skills gives students the tools they need to experience success as they communicate in French.