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Cons [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Cons by Juan Manuel de Prada Book Summary:

196pages. 20x12x2cm. Broché.

Kingdom Cons

Cons [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Kingdom Cons by Yuri Herrera Book Summary:

In the court of the King, everyone knows their place. But as the Artist wins hearts and egos with his ballads, uncomfortable truths emerge that shake the Kingdom to its core. Part surreal fable and part narco-lit romance, this prize-winning novel from Yuri Herrera questions the price of keeping your integrity in a world ruled by patronage and power.

The Pros of Cons

Cons [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Pros of Cons by Alison Cherry Book Summary:

Drummer Phoebe Byrd prides herself on being one of the guys, and she's ready to prove it by kicking all their butts in the snare solo competition at the Indoor Percussion Association Convention. Writer Vanessa Montoya-O'Callaghan has been looking forward to the WTFcon for months. Not just because of the panels and fanfiction readings but because WTFcon is where she'll finally meet Soleil, her internet girlfriend, for the first time. Taxidermy assistant Callie Buchannan might be good at scooping brains out of deer skulls, but that doesn't mean it's her passion. Since her parents' divorce, her taxidermist father only cares about his work, and assisting him at the World Taxidermy and Fish-Carving Championships is the only way Callie knows to connect with him. When a crazy mix-up in the hotel lobby brings the three girls together, they form an unlikely friendship against a chaotic background of cosplay, competition, and carcasses!

Knock Knock Pros / Cons Perforated Pad

Cons [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Knock Knock Pros / Cons Perforated Pad by Knock Knock Book Summary:

You can't be two places at once, but this magic pad can. At first glance, it's an ordinary list for pros and cons. But wait! Look closer and tear—then divide and conquer.A list pad that can solve any dilemmaBecause we're all a little wishy-washy sometimes6 x 9 inches; 60 sheets

Pros & Cons of Index Annuities

Cons [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Pros & Cons of Index Annuities by Lindahl L. Lucas II Book Summary:

Retirement books like the Pros and Cons of Annuities may seem like they are few and far between BUT the simple fact is, what Lindahl Lucas shares in his retirement book is the cold hard truth about RISK and how it has no place in your Retirement Investments. Your Retirement Planning & Retirement Strategies MUST protect your retirement savings from catastrophic loss, prevent losing money in the stock market or by inflation erosion on your retirement nest egg. 401k books and Retirement Savings time bomb or other retirement books cannot show you the intricacies and the nuances associated with purchasing an annuity the way Lindahl Lucas has done in this book "The Pros and Cons of Index Annuities." Learn exactly how to PROTECT your investments by using the retirement planning advice and some of the retirement planning tips featured in this Retirement Savings time bomb in retirement savings books... Looking for Retirement Gifts In Books? This is the perfect gift for a baby boomer looking to learn more about protecting their long-term legacy of money and living the good life in retirement. Purchase your copy of The Pros and Cons of Index Annuities. Buy It Now! The Pros and Cons of Index Annuities isn't your retirement planning for dummies book, it is really for someone that enjoys the finer tastes and the knowledge from a reputable expert that can help you succeed, no matter what age, if you follow the process to using his systems, when an annuity and investing in an annuity is right for you. Stop investing in stocks... Stop investing in gold and silver... Have the right amount of diversification by protecting 30-50% of your assets in an annuity. Finding out the Pros and Cons of annuities will let you know if investing in an annuity is right for you, which one would best suit your needs, and how you can begin the discovery process with Mr. Lindahl Lucas and his team of Retirement Advisers at Lucas Insurance Services. Keep in mind, investing in real estate has no guarantee, but investing in an annuity or a fixed index annuity allows your money to grow and you can guarantee yourself and your spouse a pension from your account for as long as you both shall live, regardless of who passes on first. And, after you both pass the remaining money left in the account will be passed on to the beneficiary which makes learning the pros and cons of index annuities such a wonderful Retirement Gift In Books! Investing in annuities for dummies is half the price... Do you really want to buy an investing book for dummies? I would think if you are reading this that you want to buy a book that can explain all the questions that I myself wanted answered, which is how I arrived at a detailed explanation of the pros and cons of annuities, and more specifically index annuities. Index annuities and fixed index annuities are great retirement investment vehicles and this is a great retirement investment book. Whether you need retirement gifts for men or retirement gifts for women, if you love them and they love to read great quality information that can protect their money in retirement, then The Pros and Cons of Annuities is really a great choice for you to Buy Now! Buy it Now on Amazon! - ADD TO CART The wealth management resource chart and pros and cons of annuities worksheet will assist you in financial planning and learning the wealth secrets of the one percent... It is an annuity. Now you have the opportunity to take action and learn the pros and cons of annuities from Lindahl Lucas, Retirement Planning Specialist and the author of "The Pros and Cons of Index Annuities." Learn more at: http://www.ProsandConsofAnnuities.com In this retirement planning book you will learn: What An Annuity Is. Why You Should Consider Fixed and Indexed Annuities over Variable Annuities, what a Traditional Annuity is and why it is no longer sold. How you can identify if investing in an annuity is right for you.

The Pros & Cons of Being a Frog

Cons [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Pros & Cons of Being a Frog by Sue deGennaro Book Summary:

“This celebration of differences displays great respect for readers' intelligence and yields more with each reading. —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) Two shy kids discover the power of friendship in this charming picture book that celebrates being different.A boy likes to dress as a cat, but his best friend’s dog objects. What will he dress as now? A giraffe? A fox? A shark? When his best friend, Camille, suggests a frog, they work together to make the frog costume…until Camille runs out of patience. So the boy makes a list of the pros and cons of being a frog: Pros: 1. My friend Camille gave me the idea 2. I’m less likely to be chased by a dog 3. Being in a frog costume makes me feel brave Cons: 1. Not everyone loves wearing a frog costume as much as me 2. If you start getting bossy about your frog costume then your friend will get up and leave 3. A frog is NOT a solitary creature so it is no fun for a frog if his friend gets up and leaves Luckily, he won’t have to choose, because true friendship means accepting each other’s differences: he can be himself and have his friend Camille.

Pros and Cons: A Debaters Handbook

Cons [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Pros and Cons: A Debaters Handbook Book Summary:

Pros and Cons: A Debaters Handbook offers a unique and invaluable guide to the arguments both for and against over 140 current controversies and global issues. Since it was first published in 1896 the handbook has been regularly updated and this nineteenth edition includes new entries on topics such as the right to possess nuclear weapons, the bailing out of failing industries, the protection of indigenous languages and the torture of suspected terrorists. Equal coverage is given to both sides of each debate in a dual column format which allows for easy comparison. Each entry also includes a list of related topics and suggestions for possible motions. The introductory essay describes debating technique, covering the rules, structure and type of debate, and offering tips on how to become a successful speaker. The book is then divided into eight thematic sections, where specific subjects are covered individually.

Pros & Cons: A Debaters Handbook, 18th Ed.

Cons [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Pros & Cons: A Debaters Handbook, 18th Ed. Book Summary:

Pros and Cons: A Debaters Handbook offers a unique and invaluable guide to current controversies, providing material for debate on a wide range of topics. Arguments for and against each subject appear in adjacent columns for easy comparison, and related topics and suggestions for possible motions are listed at the end of each entry. Since its publication in 1896 the handbook has been regularly updated and this eighteenth edition includes new issues such as censorship of the internet, genetic engineering and the legalisation of prostitution. The introductory essay describes debating technique, covering the rules, structure and type of debate, and offering tips on how to become a successful speaker. The book is then divided into eight thematic sections, where specific subjects are covered individually.

Prose and Cons: Essays on Prison Literature in the United States

Cons [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Prose and Cons: Essays on Prison Literature in the United States Book Summary:

As the United States’ prison population has exploded over the past 30 years, a rich, provocative and ever-increasing body of literature has emerged, written either by prisoners or by those who have come in close contact with them. Unlike earlier prison writings, contemporary literature moves in directions that are neither uniformly ideological nor uniformly political. It has become increasingly personal, and the obsessive subject is the way identity is shaped, compromised, altered, or obliterated by incarceration. The 14 essays in this work examine the last 30 years of prison literature from a wide variety of perspectives. The first four essays examine race and ethnicity, the social categories most evident in U.S. prisons. The three essays in the next section explore gender, a prominent subject of prison literature highlighted by the absolute separation of male and female inmates. Section three provides three essays focused on the part ideology plays in prison writings. The four essays in section four consider how aesthetics and language are used, seeking to define the qualities of the literature and to determine some of the reasons it exists.

Variable Annuity Pros & Cons (60 Minute Financial Solutions Book 2)

Cons [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Variable Annuity Pros & Cons (60 Minute Financial Solutions Book 2) by Todd R. Tresidder Book Summary:

This is the information your variable annuity salesman doesn’t want you to know!Discover how to simplify these complex investments to just the essential principles so you can make an independent, intelligent investment decision.In one evening you’ll understand:• The critical differences between variable annuities and fixed annuities.• The 10 essential features of variable annuities and how they’re commonly misrepresented (reveals their real worth).• How to analyze a variable annuity contract.• 3 key characteristics of variable annuities that could make or break your investment decision.• A 17-question, step-by-step guide that simplifies your investment decision.• The 5 situations where variable annuities make sense--and why all other investors should avoid them.• 14 questions that could indicate you’re a victim of variable annuity sales fraud (and what you should do about it).• 3 things you can do if you already bought a variable annuity--but wish you had not.Don’t trust the salesman! Get an unbiased, insider view in this handy consumer’s guide that simplifies these incredibly complex investments into words you can understand so that you can make a smart investment decision.

Help at Any Cost: How the Troubled-Teen Industry Cons Parents and Hurts Kids

Cons [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Help at Any Cost: How the Troubled-Teen Industry Cons Parents and Hurts Kids by Maia Szalavitz Book Summary:

The troubled-teen industry, with its scaremongering and claims of miraculous changes in behavior through harsh discipline, has existed in one form or another for decades, despite a dearth of evidence supporting its methods. And the growing number of programs that make up this industry are today finding more customers than ever. Maia Szalavitz's Help at Any Cost is the first in-depth investigation of this industry and its practices, starting with its roots in the cultlike sixties rehabilitation program Synanon and Large Group Awareness Training organizations likeest in the seventies; continuing with Straight, Inc., which received Nancy Reagan's seal of approval in the eighties; and culminating with a look at the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs-the leading force in the industry today-which has begun setting up shop in foreign countries to avoid regulation. Szalavitz uncovers disturbing findings about these programs' methods, including allegation of physical and verbal abuse, and presents us with moving, often horrifying, first-person accounts of kids who made it through-as well as stories of those who didn't survive. The book also contains a thoughtfully compiled guide for parents, which details effective treatment alternatives. Weaving careful reporting with astute analysis, Maia Szalavitz has written an important and timely survey that will change the way we look at rebellious teens-and the people to whom we entrust them. Help at Any Cost is a vital resource with an urgent message that will draw attention to a compelling issue long overlooked.

King Of Cons: Exposing The Dirty Rotten Secrets Of The Washington Elite And Hollywood Celebrities

Cons [Pdf/ePub] eBook

King Of Cons: Exposing The Dirty Rotten Secrets Of The Washington Elite And Hollywood Celebrities by Aaron Tonken Book Summary:

"In a LAND of MORAL IMBECILES,I knew I could be KING."He was one of the most prominent producers of fundraising events in the country, throwing monumental charity bashes, securing millions of dollars in donations for the sick and needy. The trouble was, some of the people profiting were greedy politicians, and many of the "charity cases" were really only pampered Hollywood stars.  It's a true-life spectacular that only Hollywood could produce.Now, the story that shook the industry will finally shatter the façade of Hollywood's philanthropy and Washington's populism, once and for all exposing how empty are the real lifestyles of many of the rich and famous, and what really happens to charity money meant for the poor.When Aaron Tonken arrived in Los Angeles in the early nineties, he had nothing, not even a high-school education. Yet within just a few years, he was a friend and business associate of the leading lights of Hollywood and the most powerful people in Washington. Tonken produced many of the biggest charitable and political functions ever seen on either coast, honoring former presidents Ford and Clinton, and raising money for the preferred charities of some of the biggest names in showbiz.But hidden behind the glamour of these galas was a sordid tale, as Tonken became the central character in a tragicomedy featuring demanding stars and politicians grasping for big-dollar campaign donations.In King of Cons, you'll read how Aaron Tonken:Helped Hollywood darlings use money from their own charitiesWas mentored by Peter Paul-ex con, Fabio manager, and business partner of Spider-Man creator Stan LeeGot sucked into the criminal underworld of Los Angeles-the con artists, grifters, and porn kings.Was bullied by the diva behavior of Roseanne, Paula Abdul, Natalie Cole, and members of the cast of FriendsWas approached for payments for appearances or performances at charity events by Cher, Sylvester Stallone, Lance Bass of *NSYNC, and the Democratic National CommitteeGot involved with Denise Rich, ex-wife of fugitive financier Marc Rich, the subject of a controversial last-minute pardon by President Bill ClintonFrom his bizarre days as a virtual prisoner in the decrepit mansion of Zsa Zsa Gabor to his entanglements with hustlers, con artists, and the Clintons, Aaron tracks the whole sordid story of how he squandered millions of dollars from charities in the world of celebrity politicians and politicking celebrities.

Moving to Florida - Pros & Cons: Relocating to Florida, Cost of Living in Florida, How to Move to Florida, Florida Real Estate & Property in Florida Basics

Cons [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Moving to Florida - Pros & Cons: Relocating to Florida, Cost of Living in Florida, How to Move to Florida, Florida Real Estate & Property in Florida Basics by Dagny Wasil Book Summary:

The must-have guide if you're thinking about relocating to Florida. It's written by a REAL Floridian who is both a cheerleader for your dreams ... and a realist. This is why this book is so controversial -- because it tells the unvarnished truth about living in Florida -- and many dreamers get MAD at the truth-teller!Includes the real costs of living in Florida, why a move to Florida may be good (or not) and Florida real estate & property in Florida basics. Moving To Florida shows why thousands move to Florida (and then leave) soon afterwards. It also shows you how to minimize any risk on your part.Your journey begins with discovering what Florida is really like: relocating, cost of living, right (and wrong) reasons for a move to Florida, plus the basic things you should know about Florida real estate & property.Information also includes:-- An insider’s look at Florida’s weather year round-- How to handle hurricane warnings (and actual events)-- What many don’t know about Florida’s beaches-- The critters here you may be unfamiliar with-- How the economy in Florida can move quickly (both upward and downward)-- Different ways individuals can live in Florida and reap it’s benefits-- Florida real estate buying tips-- What you need to know about homeowner’s insurance in the State of Florida-- How to save big on taxes and also a review of Florida’s asset protection lawsNow, are you ready for a Floridian to reveal both the pros ... AND cons ... about living here?