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Latitude Zero

Latitude Zero [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Latitude Zero by Diana Renn Book Summary:

“I have to run,” said Juan Carlos. “You will call? Please? It is very important.” “Yes. I will call. Definitely. At two.” That’s what Tessa promises. But by two o’clock, young Ecuadorian cycling superstar Juan Carlos is dead, and Tessa, one of the last people ever to speak to him, is left with nothing but questions. The media deems Juan Carlos’s death a tragic accident at a charity bike ride, but Tessa, an aspiring investigative journalist herself, knows that something more is going on. While she grapples with her own grief and guilt, she is being stalked by spies with an insidious connection to the dead cycling champion. Tessa’s pursuit of an explanation for Juan Carlos’s untimely death leads her from the quiet New England backwoods to bustling bike shops and ultimately to Ecuador itself, Juan Carlos’s homeland. As the ride grows bumpy, Tessa no longer knows who’s a suspect and who is an ally. The only thing she knows for sure is that she must uncover the truth of why Juan Carlos has died and race to find the real villain—before the trail goes cold.

Latitude Zero: Tales of the Equator

Latitude Zero [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Latitude Zero: Tales of the Equator by Gianni Guadalupi Book Summary:

It extends 24,000 miles, farther and longer than any other measure on earth. Yet the equator is a wholly imaginary construct, a human idea that has fascinated and challenged explorers for three thousand years—from the ancient Egyptian spice traders in search of the legendary land of Punt, to the fifteenth-century Portuguese who sought a route to the Indies, to the expeditions of Victorian naturalist Charles Darwin in the Galapagos Islands, off the Pacific coast of South America, at latitude zero. The equator—its location not only on the globe but also in the minds and exploits of navigators, travelers, poets, and dreamers since the dawn of civilization—is the magical thread on which the eminent Italian historian Gianni Guadalupi strings some of humankind’s most intriguing lore and most amazing adventures in this original and riveting intellectual history. The mysterious source of the Nile and the enigma of the Congo’s swell, the perils of the Doldrums (“the living death in life” in Coleridge’s phrase) and the vicissitudes of El Nino, the quest for the lost Eden and the search for Eldorado, all fall within the compass of Guadalupi’s extraordinary volume. So do the names of Columbus, Magellan, Don Lope de Aguirre, Sinbad the Sailor, Henry Stanley, Charles-Marie de la Condamine, and Dante Alighieri, who placed Purgatory on an island athwart the equator.

Latitude zero by MIKE HORN (Jan 29 2004)

Latitude Zero [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Latitude zero by MIKE HORN (Jan 29 2004) Book Summary:

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Deathlands #11: Time Nomads; #12 Latitude Zero; #13 Seedling; #14 Dark Carnival; #15 Chill Factor (Deathlands, Volume #11-Time Nomads; Volume #12-Latitude Zero; Volume #13-Seedling; Volume #14-Dark Carnival; Volume #15- Chill Factor)

Latitude Zero [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Deathlands #11: Time Nomads; #12 Latitude Zero; #13 Seedling; #14 Dark Carnival; #15 Chill Factor (Deathlands, Volume #11-Time Nomads; Volume #12-Latitude Zero; Volume #13-Seedling; Volume #14-Dark Carnival; Volume #15- Chill Factor) by James Axler Book Summary:

This "Long-Haul" Box contains 5 books in James Axler's Deathlands series on 29 action-packed Unabridged CDs.