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The Pardon: A Novel

Pardon [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Pardon: A Novel by James Grippando Book Summary:

After getting a confessed killer off on a technicality, brilliant young defense attorney Jack Swyteck, estranged son of Governor Harry Swyteck, a proponent of the death penalty, finds himself framed for murder. A first novel. 75,000 first printing. $100,000 ad/promo. Lit Guild. Tour.

The Ultimate Pardon

Pardon [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Ultimate Pardon by Bill L. Corum Book Summary:

Bill Corum rode over 2500 miles in handcuffs, leg-irons and waist-chains in his first twenty one years of life. After his release from prison, he finally returned to his home in Kansas City, MO determined to never go back. Yet, he had no intentions of ever becoming a law-abiding citizen...only covering his tracks. Bill's insatiable hunger for money, power, and influence drove him. He spent the next eighteen years evading the law. Like a frog in a slowly boiling pot, he found himself in the ever tightening vise-grip of drugs, pornography, prostitution and organized crime, until he found himself in so deep... there was no way out. After being arrested, he faced the probability of spending the rest of his life behind prison walls. Will Bill Corum receive the Ultimate Pardon? Read this autobiography and find out!

Some Mistakes Have No Pardon

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Some Mistakes Have No Pardon by Girdhar Joshi Book Summary:

This is a story of a man who struggles to find love, peace, and happiness in relationships but ends up losing relations after relations amidst the compelling pressures of profession, passion, and maladjustment of life. Two important points highlighted in the pages of this story are: one - how a boy with a deprived childhood that blossomed and bloomed on bottle-gourd curry and pumpkin gods of grandmother and butter-milk and mint chutney of orphaned granny, could still create riches and achieve literary enlightenment - the rags-to-riches story. And, two - how strains of wretched and ill managed relations could undo every achievement, cause him strive to look for shelter elsewhere, and knock down the person into the nadir of disgrace and eventually brink of extinction - the riches-to-ashes story. These two ends are the central themes in this story, which are woven in through the warp and weft of incidences.

The Pardon: The First Jack Swyteck Novel

Pardon [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Pardon: The First Jack Swyteck Novel by James Grippando Book Summary:

A brilliant Miami defense attorney, Jack Swyteck has spent years rebelling against his father, Harry, currently the governor of Florida. Their relationship is strained to the limit when Harry allows one of Jack's clients to die in the electric chair—a man Jack firmly believed was innocent. But now they will have to put their mutual animosity on a back burner, because a psychopath driven by his own twisted version of justice has placed both father and son in extreme harm's way. With no one to turn to but each other, Jack and Harry must work together to overcome the sinister manipulations of a brilliant and bloodthirsty tormentor?or they will die together as the stakes are raised to higher and more terrifying heights.

Pardon My French: Unleash Your Inner Gaul

Pardon [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Pardon My French: Unleash Your Inner Gaul by Charles Timoney Book Summary:

From getting the best value from the boulangerie to ordering a steak without getting sneered at, an A-to-Z guide to fitting in en Français Englishman Charles Timoney was thrown into French life headfirst twenty-five years ago when he and his wife moved to her native France. He had studied French in school, but his memory of vocabulary lists and conjugation drills proved no match for day-to-day living. As he blundered his way toward fluency, he kept a list of words and phrases that wonderfully (sometimes wickedly) epitomized aspects of the French culture-and were used only by native speakers. Pardon My French tackles the delightful absurdities of French life and language and steers readers past the potential embarrassments of speaking French in France. It is a book no student, traveler, or language maven should be without.

Pardon My French: How a Grumpy American Fell in Love with France

Pardon [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Pardon My French: How a Grumpy American Fell in Love with France by Allen Johnson Book Summary:

To make a friend is a joy. To make a friend in another country is a wonderment—a small miracle. Pardon My French follows an American author who has embraced a daunting mission: not to be a spectator in France but an enthusiastic participant—fully engaged, fully alive. In France, Johnson is like an alien from another planet. Everything is strange to him. His goal is to speak French without going to prison, drive without being squashed like a bug, dance the tango without losing his marriage, and belt out a tune with a world-class jazz combo without being booed off the stage. Repeatedly, the author fearlessly steps into harm’s way. He joins a summer acting troop and witnesses the French version of sexual liberation. He pits his rather staid and conventional driving skills against the French speed demons of Languedoc. He tries to be cool in a painting class while sputtering nervously in front of the nude model with the long legs and silky voice. And then, after it all—after the splendor of Christmas on the Mediterranean, the bicycle tours along the French canals, the mountain treks amply supplied with French bread, cheese, and wine—the miracle happens. The often self-deprecating and bungling American meets and falls in love with a beautiful mistress: La belle France. And when he does, an entire village adopts him into a new family—one with a gracious heart and a beautiful French accent.

31 Days: Gerald Ford, the Nixon Pardon and A Government in Crisis

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31 Days: Gerald Ford, the Nixon Pardon and A Government in Crisis by Barry Werth Book Summary:

In 31 Days, acclaimed historian Barry Werth takes readers inside the White House during the tumultuous days of August 1974, following Richard Nixon's resignation and the swearing-in of America's "accidental president," Gerald Ford. The Watergate scandal had torn the country apart. In a dramatic, day-by-day account of the new administration’s inner workings, Werth shows how Ford, caught between political expedience, the country’s demands for justice, and his own moral compass, struggled valiantly to restore the nation’s tarnished faith in its leadership. With deft and refreshing analysis Werth illuminates how this unprecedented political upheaval produced new fissures and battle lines, as well as new opportunities for political advancement for ambitious young men such as Donald Rumsfeld, who had been Nixon’s ambassador to NATO, and Dick Cheney, already coolly efficient as Rumsfeld’s former deputy. A superbly crafted presidential history with all of the twists and turns of a thriller, 31 Days  sheds new light on the key players and political dilemmas that reverberate in today’s headlines.

PARDON ME MOON EXCUSE ME SUN (True Fairy Tale Series Book 5)

Pardon [Pdf/ePub] eBook

PARDON ME MOON EXCUSE ME SUN (True Fairy Tale Series Book 5) by Trycenia Taylor Book Summary:

Have you ever had a good day ruined by someone with a bad attitude? I think we all have had that experience. Do you remember how you dealt with the situation? Did you become frustrated and angry or did you remain calm and collected? According to Newtons third law, "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."The wonderful planet Called You Welcome enjoys peace and tranquility until Dark cloud and friends decide to make the planet their vacation destination.Pandemonium erupts. How will the inhabitants of Planet You Welcome react? Buy this book and discover what reaction takes place. You may also use this book to teach your child appropriate steps for resolving conflict.

Pardon My Hearse: A Colorful Portrait of Where the Funeral and Entertainment Industries Met in Hollywood

Pardon [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Pardon My Hearse: A Colorful Portrait of Where the Funeral and Entertainment Industries Met in Hollywood by Allan Abbott Book Summary:

Even celebrities die―and he was the man who picked up the bodies! Allan Abbott ran the leading hearse, mortuary, and funeral services company in Hollywood and got an unprecedented glimpse of how celebrities really live and die. The Forrest Gump of the funeral industry, Abbott was everywhere celebrities died, from helping to prepare Marilyn Monroe’s body for burial to standing next to Christopher Walken at Natalie Wood’s funeral. Now in his memoir “Pardon My Hearse,” Abbott tells the rags-to-shroud story of how we went from a young man with a hearse to the funeral driver to the stars―a rollicking, unexpectedly hilarious story of glamorous funerals, mishaps with corpses, and true-life glimpses of celebrities at their most revealing moments. ”Pardon My Hearse” is an eye-opening look at secret Hollywood from the man who literally knows where the bodies are buried.

Coup: The Day the Democrats Ousted Their Governor, Put Republican Lamar Alexander in Office Early, and Stopped a Pardon Scandal

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Coup: The Day the Democrats Ousted Their Governor, Put Republican Lamar Alexander in Office Early, and Stopped a Pardon Scandal by Keel Hunt Book Summary:

Coup is the behind-the-scenes story of an abrupt political transition, unprecedented in US history. Based on 163 interviews, Hunt describes how collaborators came together from opposite sides of the political aisle and, in an extraordinary few hours, reached agreement that the corruption and madness of the sitting Governor of Tennessee, Ray Blanton, must be stopped. The sudden transfer of power that caught Blanton unawares was deemed necessary because of what one FBI agent called "the state's most heinous political crime in half a century"—a scheme of selling pardons for cash.On January 17, 1979, driven by new information that some of the worst criminals in the state's penitentiaries were about to be released (and fears that James Earl Ray might be one of them), a small bipartisan group chose to take charge. Senior Democratic leaders, friends of the sitting governor, together with the Republican governor-elect Lamar Alexander (now US Senator from Tennessee), agreed to oust Blanton from office before another night fell. It was a maneuver unique in American political history.Expanded edition, with a newly discovered account of the events by Senator Lamar Alexander:"In December 2015 something unexpected happened. Keel [Hunt] delivered to my Nashville office a brown three-ring binder. He had only recently discovered it in a box that had been in storage for thirty years." —Senator Lamar AlexanderThis binder contained the forgotten typescript, written in 1985, of Alexander's recollections of the events leading up to his early inauguration on January 17, 1979. In this expanded edition of Coup, the Senator's 22,000-word text has been added as a lost footnote to Hunt's definitive account.From the foreword by John L. Seigenthaler:"The individual stories of those government officials involved in the coup—each account unique, but all of them intersecting—were scattered like disconnected pieces of a jigsaw puzzle on the table of history until the author conceived this book. Perhaps because it happened so quickly, and without major disagreement, protest, or dissent, this truly historic moment has been buried in the public mind. In unearthing the drama in gripping detail, Keel Hunt assures that the 'dark day' will be remembered as a bright one in which conflicted politicians came together in the public interest."

Comparative Executive Clemency: The Constitutional Pardon Power and the Prerogative of Mercy in Global Perspective (Routledge Research in Human Rights Law)

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Comparative Executive Clemency: The Constitutional Pardon Power and the Prerogative of Mercy in Global Perspective (Routledge Research in Human Rights Law) by Andrew Novak Book Summary:

Virtually every constitutional order in the common law world contains a provision for executive clemency or pardon in criminal cases. This facility for legal mercy is not limited to a single place in modern legal systems, but is instead realized through various practices such as a law enforcement officer’s decision to arrest, a prosecutor’s decision to prosecute, and a judge’s decision to convict and sentence. Doubts about legal mercy in any form as unfair, unguided, or arbitrary are as ubiquitous as the exercise of mercy itself. This book presents a comparative analysis of the clemency and pardon power in the common law world. Andrew Novak compares the modern development, organization, and practice of constitutional and statutory schemes of clemency and pardon in the United Kingdom, United States, and Commonwealth jurisdictions. He asks whether the bureaucratization of the clemency power is in line with global trends, and explores how innovations in legislative involvement, judicial review, and executive consultation have made the mercy and pardon procedure more transparent. The book concludes with a discussion on the future of the clemency and pardon power given the decline of the death penalty in the Commonwealth and the rise of the modern institution of parole. As a work concerned with the practice of mercy in the common law world, this book will be of great interest to researchers and students of international and comparative criminal justice and international human rights law.